The Sword of Light by E J Gilmour

Sword of Light is the first book of The Veredor Chronicles trilogy. The book follows the journey of a young man on a quest to discover the secret about his own past. This novel is a fast-paced fantasy adventure and belongs to the heroic fantasy genre. A book suitable for younger and older readers alike.

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The Sword of Light



Kaloren by E J Gilmour


Kaloren by E J Gilmour is an heroic fantasy novel based in the world of Veredor.

The novel is a prequel to The Veredor Chronicles series and is set about twenty five years before the events of The Sword of Light: Book One of the Veredor Chronicles. Kaloren is a fantasy adventure with a young, female protagonist.

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The Outer Worlds by E J Gilmour


The Outer Worlds by E J Gilmour is a space opera adventure set in the Triangulum Galaxy in the far distant future. Humanity is threatened by a menacing alien fleet and only a renegade salvage captain and his crew stand in the way of the complete destruction of mankind.

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